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Bibek Shah

RMS Accredited Driving Instructor
Price Range: $(57.5 - 65)
1 hour per lesson

Hello, I'm Bibek, a passionate driving instructor with over two years of experience. My teaching philosophy revolves around creating a comfortable and supportive environment for my students. With a calm and polite demeanor, I aim to help individuals overcome anxieties and challenges during their driving lessons.

Witnessing my students' progress and growth brings me immense satisfaction, and I take pride in staying updated with the latest driving techniques and regulations to provide relevant and accurate information. Teaching others to drive is not just a job; it's a fulfilling vocation that allows me to contribute to the community by promoting safe and responsible driving habits.

If you seek a patient and dedicated instructor who will guide you with a calm and polite approach, I'd be delighted to assist you in achieving your driving goals.

Service Area:

Rockdale 2216, Kogarah 2217, Miranda 2228

Test Centers:

Botany Service NSW Centre, Rockdale Service NSW Centre, Miranda Service NSW Centre


English, Nepali, Hindi,Gulathi

Bibek Shah

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